Suzuki SX4 Crossover

Suzuki SX4 Crossover 2010It is certain that not everyone has the power to afford a nice and expensive 4×4 car. And perhaps not all popular cars are expensive. The Suzuki SX4 Crossover has proven this by giving you all the astonishing features and perhaps making it to the top 10 slots for 2010. It has got a fairly lighter engine compared to all the picks for the top 10 slots and gives an impressive power output to stay on the top of many other cars around the world. The 4-door wagon is the choice to many people around the world because of the Suzuki reputation and a combination of some very exciting interior and exterior features.

Interior and features inside:

Suzuki has integrated some very exciting features into the interiors just to make sure that your SX4 lacks no feature available in cars that are competitions. It has mounted many controls on the steering in order to make your driving experience a  better one; you even have the cruise control mounted on the steering. The 4×4 model of the car allows you to have paddle shifters that will help you have better experience with the gear shifts. It also features an 8 speaker audio system that will enhance your adventurous tours by a great extent. The volume control and sub-woofer have speed sensors to give you an exhilarating experience while you are running your SX4 at high speeds.

Despite the handy and miniature looks, the SX4 Crossover has a lot of room inside to accommodate 5 passengers easily giving them enough room to relax as well. The automatic climate control feature is another benefit that helps you control the seat temperature making the driving experience a better one as you will not be irritated by extremely hot seats in summers and cold seats in winter.

Power and performance:

Suzuki SX4 Crossover features a 2.0 Liter engine that delivers around 148hp power output on the road with the torque reaching up to 140lb-ft. Ration of power to torque deliverance is pretty impressive for an engine that is just 2.0 Liter in terms of volume. You get to have continually variable transmission once you select the car that means you are going to have an intelligent transmission system controlling your car while you will be on the move.

The car features the i-AWD System that is quite an intelligent yet sophisticated system in itself. You have the option to select the power delivery system for the wheels. You can opt for a 2 wheel drive while moving on roads that have normal traction yet you will have the option to move on to the 4×4 drive to provide you maximum traction and control on rainy days as well as snowy days ensuring a controlled driving experience.

The DOHC engine in combination with the CVT transmission makes it a 4 season vehicle ensuring security and safety through the ABS braking system and the SRS Airbags. The car provides complete traction on the road and any terrain that you explore making your life open to adventures.

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