4×4 Cars

4x4 Cars

4×4 cars are not just ordinary automobiles: it is the drive of some very exclusive car lovers around the world who want power to be delivered on the road no matter what terrain they might be driving in. Engine’s roar, power, control, authority is all what 4×4 cars are about. 4×4 cars have been developed and carved by some of the best automobile engineers around the world.
History of 4×4 cars:
There has been no traces to the first person to invent the first of the 4×4 cars but one thing that is for sure is that the developer kept nothing but power in mind. The technology that forms the basis of these cars was patented by an engineer back in Britain in 1893. The patent defined technology for traction of 4×4 cars as well as the driving mechanism that they were supposed to follow. This marked the start of the development of some of the exotic 4×4 cars from around the world. The first of the known 4×4 cars came into the market in 1900 at a World Exhibition at Paris.
The first of the 4×4 cars was electricity driven, while it was later transformed to the gasoline and now you can have a number of them in many different fuel types available. These cars got combustion engines in 1903 and the first of these was capable of delivering 60HP. This sounds quite less but that defined extreme notch power at that time. 4×4 cars has been a taste of all those people who loved the power that they delivered on the road while on the move throughout the history.
Trends of 4×4 cars:
The latest trends are multiple, once you consider all the audience… Some of them are after the gigantic looks that they hold while running on the road. The normal 4×4 cars are high-roofed and have a nice overall look that set people attracted towards them. These cars are made out of raw steel and even their appearance depicts power in the raw form. The trends with which the 4×4 cars are made have been changing for quite an instance now. The manufacturers of these 4×4 cars are now heading towards multiple dimensions.
The 4×4 cars in the past were either very powerful or very elegant as they usually had a huge engine under the hood in case it was one of the powerful 4×4 cars or it had a very elegant look yet a small engine under the hood in cases where the car was one of the elegant 4×4 cars. The trend of making has changed considerably as we have come to a stage where size does not matter. With the development in technology, the manufacturers are making smaller engines produce the same power as the gigantic ones so the latest 4×4 cars that you are going to see will be powerful yet exotic at the same time.
The 4×4 cars today are a perfect fusion of power as well as looks just to attract a lot of people. See also our top 10 4×4 cars picks for 2010.
Advantages of owning 4×4 car:
There might be a number of reasons why you will like to own one of the 4×4 cars available in the market. The first and the most important might be power deliverance. The 4×4 cars have their engines connected to all the 4 wheelbases. This means that all the engine power will be equally distributed to the 4 wheels giving you the liberty to deliver the power and move on with complete confidence. In addition to that, you can climb great heights with the 4×4 cars as they are going to provide traction control even in the toughest conditions.
4×4 cars provide you with a safer experience compared to the normal cars because they are made strong and can withstand a lot of damage that might happen in a an accident.
Disadvantages of owning one:
With one of the 4×4 cars, you might have the fun that you want in terms of off road experience but you will not get the thrust that other cars with the same power will deliver. The power delivered by 4×4 cars does not necessarily give you speed. In addition to that, the fuel for running your engine with the 4×4 feature on will cost you a little too much and it might get out of your budget as well. The engines made for 4×4 do not have fuel efficiency feature integrated in them therefore setting your fuel demand to be considerably high.
This is not with all the 4×4 but there are a number of 4×4 cars around the automobile industry that are not comfortable in terms of the interiors. They are made in accordance with the terrain off road so the interiors are something manufacturers cater less. They are more interested in building something that runs well yet feels rugged as it should possibly be.
Problems with 4×4 cars:
4×4 cars usually come with a number of problems integrated in them. As the combination is shear machinery joined to act as nothing less than a hulk, there might be a number of issues with the car. You might face trouble converting your car to 4×4 if the conversion option is available. Under some circumstances, you will not be able to convert your car due to mechanical reasons. You might also encounter that your car’s electrical and mechanical processes respond alien while other systems around your machine might be working well. There are some issues with the 4×4 cars that are being dealt with by professionals and you will certainly get them resolved in the near future.
In a nutshell, the 4×4 cars are made for people who love power and roaring sound as well as those who are courageous enough to take their cars off-road into a terrain that is not suited for ordinary cars. You certainly feel the difference using a 4×4 car compared to the normal AWD cars commercially available in the market.